Ngombi's Not Dead Testo

Testo Ngombi's Not Dead

(Steve Towson)

Petrol explodes at 9:15
cars are left helpless
stranded on the street
and I'm just standing here
watching this world the hive
watching the machine as it struggles to survive

but oh no
Ngombi's not dead

well men and women look
all around
trying to find someone to
bring on down
to their level of contentment at their life's achievements
wanting all to feel their bereavement
for our souls
the trees have all gone long ago
how long for survival
no one knows

but oh no
Ngombi's not dead
I say oh
Ngombi's not dead

so breathe on deep while
you still can
let the gases rise up and
fill your head for
while you put your faith inside of your tv
the whole world it is fucked
and so are we