Tonight We Storm The Bastille Testo

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Testo Tonight We Storm The Bastille

Right now it is one for all
For an attack on one is an attack on all
We'll dig our way underneath the prison floors
While others scale over the barbed wire walls
To free the innocent locked inside
For tonight we're taking no more of your lies

For tonight we'll break their barricades
Yes tonight we'll make them watch
For criminals have a hold of this country
And they're squeezing it for all that it's got

No more drowning lies or cheap politics
Some say you're liberal but I know you're sick
For feeding your greed from the desperate in need
Is not what I'd call a safe society

So the stage is set and all the names have been cast
The whole world's seen the colours of their hearts
So come storm the Bastille with the cry one for all
Those with belief, religion or any law
That speaks of human dignity
The sanctity of life
For this system needs fixing and it must be tonight