Planetary Dagger Testo

Testo Planetary Dagger

The images sprung from the blade
of my kingdom and with it
a burning Ring gave its way
onto the night
dying like sterile souls
of unborn creations
White centuries that for eyes have been blind
yet they saw the flame
giving birth to the constant
of Death
Mortal extermination
beyond the prophecy
of a dilacerated Corpse
that runs after the holy and week
in the shaded forest of the lost
Conjunction of polarity
bound apart by the
Black-Water that my blood was sown
the cloth of virtue within
Gathering the skin of the 3 disciples
in the shapeless
mass of eternity
With what they've sipped from the abyss
I created a stream of energy
and its spears were called
Death and Hunger
I fed the famit with poison
And I killed the faithfull with
Of Hell the ensemble is born with acid
but of heaven
with hatred and an odium plastid
to sacrifice monstrosity
that lingers in the hand of
earthly formation
It is known that the planetary dagger
belongs to the alignment of Satan