Boom Boom Testo

Testo Boom Boom

I’ve seen them come and I’ve seen them go
The string of life plays out that way
There have been times when I’ve let you know
I’m not attracted to you today
No way, uh uh, boom boom
Theres a joke in there somewhere that’s meant for you

Troubled thoughts race around my mind
Some of the blackest you can find
And like the days that go before
We’re not connected anymore
For sure, no not now, boom boom
And you dirty little secret is all yours… to play
I won't give you away
It’s all yours to play, I won't give you away

Boom boom, boom boom

We’ll surely turn a corner soon
And move the grey to black and white
Just like the phases of the moon
Just like the rain will catch the light
You’re not mine, boom boom
'Cos you can’t reject the things they take away today
The things they take away
You can’t reject the things
The things they take away, boom boom

Boom boom, boom boom....