Wretched Refuse Testo

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Testo Wretched Refuse

Workin noon to midnight
Walkin through the moonlight
Desmond rockin steady on my headphones
hit the spliff 007 on a secret solo session as i head home
theres a shadow on the corner
is he friend? is he foe?
is he cop? is robber?
which is worse? i dont know
but i've blocks to go before i hit my bedroom
so now trudge through the sleet and the snow and the sludge
i guess i wasn't ready for the bumrush cuz
next thing i know there's a knife stuck at my throat
I'm looking at him and he's just like me
and i laugh
but he just don't see the irony
and his eyes get hard and he asks me what's the joke
and i said
don't you think if i had more than a little loose change
I'd have put my sorry ass on the subway train
whatcha think you gonna score playing stickup-kid
in the freezing winter rain
cuz the only people out on a night like this
are the broke and the mad and sick and the pissed
just wretched refuse circling the drain

kid he don't believe me
said he gonne
a bleed me
if i don't start to run my shit
digging through my pockets and he finds my half a spliff
man thats all i got to keep me goin to the dawn
you better know how fe chat and me say NO PASARAN!!
vexed or perplexed but hes startin to catch my drift

i said you got two choices of what you can do
you can stick me in the neck or we can share that spliff
it'll be 420 or 187 all bets are in
so he takes a step back and looks me in the eye
says alright homeboy lets get high
and as he lights it up i can see he wears a grin

he said real big move for a little white dude
is said you'd do the same if you knew what i knew
the battle will be fought between the likes of me and you
we smoked that shit til it was gone
shook hands and carried on
just wretched refuse shaking off the chains