Free Testo

Testo Free

All of my life I've searched for clarity
I have wrestled with some paths very deep inside of me
I lost some rounds, been knocked around
Felt my share of defeat
Yet somehow I've always managed to get back...on my feet
The world keeps telling me to a grip or I won't last
Gotta break away from solitude and let go of my past
I've never found it easy to change my stubborn ways
Or to give perspective, throw away those soul-less days.
We have struggled
We have prayed
We still searching for something more
We have struggled
We still pray
We're looking for the chance... to be free.

Our music is a shout to where we know were not alone
We sing the words of our favorite songs, they bring us home
We find a little comfort, a little peace of mind
Say goodbye to being left out, hello friendlies come on in


Go slow young man
Go slow young girl
Grow strong young man
Grow strong young girl
All of my life I've searched for clarity
I have wrestled with the demons inside me


(go slow young man) To break free
(go slow young girl) 'Cause you gatta hold on to your dreams
(go slow young man) It's not as easy as it seems
(go slow young girl) You gatta fight, fight to the free
(go slow young man) You gatta stay free
(go slow young girl) Stay alive, stay alive you see
(go slow young man) Don't give in
(go slow young girl)

Stay... free... with me