Trust Me Testo

Testo Trust Me

Trust me!

Is the skyline sliced up into pieces and broken steel and mesh
Or is the progress of process that's a natural people quest
Metal and the workings, dark and lurking in my mind
Branded neon red and blue flashes the view from the flats is nice
I see Alice in Wonderland, I see Malice in Sunderland
Mouse to house, I am this land the were without, it's Thumberland

Smoke to a karma coma, Jamaicans do yard and roamers
Shake Bacardi's and Coke and make me laugh and trust me

So much stuff and many people
The future is not evil
The future is not fish and it's simple, it's efficient
Now that things are costing nothing
Is any of it good?
Come and love me, read my nothings blogging river floods

Dead plant planted on the window ledge
Shadows dance, glint and blend
Glance slow at the night outside
I'm God in the game

Sound rumbles in five point one round some corner to fight with guns
Play God in games but nothing in
Trust me

Dub step, club sweat, come get rubbed red
Play the playlist, play the playlist

I see Alice in Wonderland, I see Malice in Sunderland
From house to house, I love this land
The were without, it's Thumberland

Do the wrong thing, joke it right
Span the longings and the fights
For all the oil and the toil
And the spoils of the royals
We are nothing if not nice
We are coughing if we are wise
Roll me up like a leafy spliff
F@#k that, roll me up and trust me