The World In Illusion Testo

Testo The World In Illusion

The signal sent from a wondering star,
The searchlight that tracks you where you are,
The speed-lines cut through the trembling sky,
On the freeway where all the secrets lie

And we live under the maze of light
The cold eyes that watch in black and white
The crackdown is bringing everything in
And baby tell me where have you been?
In the world in illusion, in illusion

It's all new, new digital romance
And we fall 'cause we have no resistance
But I found you on the bit stremes up above
When I had, when I had taken enough

Of the world in illusion, in illusion

The silence that comes ahead of the crush
The cool breeze that lifts up from the dust
The blackout takes the shade from the sun
There's nowhere, there is nowhere to run

In the world in illusion, in illusion