Yahweh Testo

Testo Yahweh

A crown of thorns, it was placed on His head
They clothed him in purple and stated their case
“He is The King of the Jews" as they slapped His face

Pilate said, “I find no reason to charge Him.”
As soon as they saw Him they said, "Crucify.
He just proclaimed to be God, He surely must die."

Yahweh - Yahweh - Yahweh!

When Pilate heard this he was afraid
He asked The Lord where do You come from
Don’t You realize I have power to free or kill The Son

Jesus finally decided to answer him,
"You have no power at all over Me.
If it didn’t come from above, you’re too blind to see."

Yahweh - Yahweh - Yahweh!
Yahweh - Yahweh - Yahweh!

And so, the soldiers took Jesus
Dragging His cross to a place where He knew
They hung a sign that would read “The King Of The Jews”

They nailed His flesh to the wood
He said, “It’s Finished,” and laid down His life
Gave up His spirit for all - He was crucified!

Yahweh - Yahweh - Yahweh!
Yahweh - Yahweh - Yahweh!