You Know What To Do Testo

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Testo You Know What To Do

Some people think they're happy, livin' for themselves
But when they're sad they long for something else
And you can find the answer in an honest way
To get you thru the sadness, to start a whole new day
We've found a life that keeps us happy
Yes, we have and we'll live eternally
We'll always have the light to see, and so can you
Are you feeling lonely?
Are you feeling blue?
Does your life seem empty?
You know what to do
You say you've go some troubles, yeah, oh so many downs
You need a light to lift you off the ground
And if your life feels senseless, just accept the Lord
And He'll make you see things you never have seen before
An everlasting life abounding, oh yeah
Yes, He will and He's always giving more
And His light will never stop shining, it's for you, yes it is