Relax Testo

Testo Relax

Intro: (Soheezy)
Stunt Doubles...Alexey on the beat...We do it

Chorus: (Ameezy)
I do it clubs
I do it cash
I do it girls
I do it relax
I do it grind
I do it smash
I do it clean
I do it relax

Verse 1: (Ameezy)
We gonna do it (yup) burn to the ashes
Yes we the stunt doubles
we some actors
my hat backwards im rollin so clean
im back with a team and we looking so mean
trouble gets to leanin and we get to rockin
the beat knockin the booties keep droppin
you can hear it straight through the city
so ? when shes callin me pretty
im so gone im out of this world
and im goin long cause im takin your girl
got an attitude and just lose it
four windows down just bumpin my music
tired of addressin end of the session
bout to get to messin
just another lesson drop another banger
bout to get to cut thinkin we gonna stop thats just somethin...

Chorus: 1X

Verse 2: (Soheezy)
Im hot so hot im burnin like a flame
I came dont blame bring the fire to my name
I run through your bumper like i dont do proper
hop in the whip and spit out some game
oh my ameezy just roll up real fast
pull up the windows and let it pass
? stay fresh and we ? all night puffin grass
be another game and you got another victory
hit up in-n-out and your girls checkin into me
get in the car it will be all good
bumpin this music i know you would
i aint no pimp playa so im sayin
she gazin dazin like im sayin
be cryin stuntdubs we stayin all day

Chorus: 1x

Verse 3: (Ameezy and Soheezy)
First it was a cutie with a big booty
Made one hit now they wanna meet Judy
so soon and im coming so fresh three rhymes and i got the girlies undressed no stress
i get mine so easy back in the booth kick it with soheezy (Relax)
believe me to be so ? chicks stay ? and they get in my car

Aint no ? we doin it breezy
its soheezy i know you wanna be me
i go dumb on white tee oh i think they like me
girlies ? wanna be my wifey
aint no ? splashin off you
just here to ? this youtube
im sittin back in the studio time to make a hit
ameezy pass me the blunt...yea

Chorus: 2x

Outro: (Ameezy)
I do it relax
I do it
I do it relax