Bright Red Dress Testo

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Testo Bright Red Dress

I'd let you wear my best T-shirt
Cause you're my favorite grocery clerk
I'd do it all, hold nothing back
I'd give you all, you're heart should lack

And if you cry, just think of me
I'll hold your hand, i might play [E]
Don't close your eyes, don't doubt what's true
Just so you know... this song's for you
A simple breath is all i need
Another kiss to help me see
You're all i want, you're all i need
A simple touch is all i feel

Let's sneak out back, don't make a sound
Just stay with me, i'll hang around
I wanna scream "I LOVE YOU"
Just so you know by now,this song's for you

This song is for you
And you might understand
This song is for you
I will never be the same
I will let you call me names
I won't let you feel no shame
I want you to be by my side

This is a love song, i know it's lame
But this is me calling your name
I hope you hear me, cuz when you're in pain
Just so you know by now, i feel the same