Crawled Testo

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Testo Crawled

Once crawled inside of her
I was fighting my way back out
And now I'm left here without one word
Nothing left to think about
I stutter to say my thoughts
I shudder to make it back, it seems so wrong
It's a wonder that I faced the odds
All the while they were being stacked
I fear to circumcise
I fear the words that are in disguise
Your image is falling all over me
But it wouldn't matter all that much
So here we are again in my mind
A broken heart and a troubled home, can you help me out?
I've grown some feet and opinions
I think of her and I start to foam, it can't be real
Tell me something I don't know and I will follow
Tell me which way the wind blows and I will follow
Tell me something I don't know
And I will follow you wherever you will go...