Diskathing Testo

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Testo Diskathing

You may not care but don't be naive
Well take The best The positive aspect
Have some friends and a punkska band
I guess that's The key to your sobriety
Even if you're a pervert use your head
Before you date this girl, you better sure you've bled
It's o.k. you'll do some mistakes
Like Ace Ventura with Snowflakes
Life is like diskathing
And someday you'll have a lovely wife
You'll do like O.J. and kill her with a knife
You'll obey to your bastard dog
Live across The street from a big fat slob
You will be a fucking statistic
Another man without a diploma
But after all you'll be happy
Cause you know man, this is The key
Ba-ba-ba, ba-Barbara ann!!! [x3]