Pull Up Testo

Testo Pull Up

New Money
These niggas hate when I pull up
I ride for em when I pull up

I hopped out
Chain swingin
Ring blingin
Im killin the game I stay killin
But they aint live the way that they spittin
Be trippin off the liquor they sippin
Cuz i be on some other shit
Takin flights girl you aint neva been
Cuz i be on some otha otha shit
Im somethin that ya man aint fuckin with

Because them other girls aint got nothin on you
And you deserve somebody thats loyal to you
So if ya main nigga hatin on the low baby hit me up
And I got money on money we can ball baby aint nuttin

Niggas hate when I pull up

No steal and the sun gone
Flip a fuck nigga like a samsung
Talkin that will get you and ya man done
I treat the old money like a grandson
Ride around the town nina on my side
She no hold it down if i got it ride
When I walk in its like I did murder

Cuz these broke ass niggas dont be forreal
Pull off the lot foreign car fuck how you feel
And shes gon fuck for free one night I want to kill

Niggas hate when I pull up