Over You Testo

Testo Over You

Oh this death
Moment by moment
Darker and darker
Down and down
I feel your cold breath
I feel your cold breath

We've been going back and forth for a long time
We often did the right thing at the wrong time
We have hurt the ones that we love the most
Till I wonder did we ever get that close


I've been getting over you since the day we met
It might have been as simple as the way we met
Must we live in anger and in shame
Why must we always try to place the blame


From fear to fear
From madness to madness
Everything here has been hidden and guarded
From tear to tear
From address to address
I'm on borrowed time and I'm lost and discarded

I can't decipher the questions you ask
I wouldn't blame you for taking me to task
It's hard to move freely in the cubist thing we did
Fractured and slanted ellipse as pyramid
And I'm grateful to you for every hard thing you've done
I'll never replace you next to you there is no one