Keep On Falling Testo

Testo Keep On Falling

I keep on falling
(i cant help myself)
i keep on falling
(HOLY SPIRIT help me)
i keep on fallin
(please talk to me)
i keep on fallin
(tell me wut to do)
i keep on fallin
(i cant help it)
i keep on fallin
(HOLY SPIRIT help me)
i keep on fallin
(i'm listenin)
i keep on fallin
(tell me wut to do)

verse 1

no difference than a drug addict when he needs his fix
sin is sin when the transgression can destroy you quick
see the flesh is weak but the Spirit is strong if you fast and pray
but if the spirit is weak din the devil gone speak and have his way

gotta stay strong enuff
gotta stay tough enuff
you cant b weak enuff to fall for the same sin again
forget how many times you fail your story's there to help somebody else
to break the strong holds over this situation you gotta stay on your feet
i keep on fallin
i'm stumblin stumblin
i keep on fallin
i keep on fallin
gotta dust myself off again
i keep on fallin
sorry LORD
i keep on fallin
please help me LORD
i keep on fallin
alright will i ever rid myself of this sin

said i need you, said i want you come see about me HOLY SPIRIT
said i need you, gotta have you come rescue me HOLY SPIRIT

verse 2
no difference than a con artist that tricks and lies
cuz you trickin yourself everytime you take a compromise
no easy way out so you might as well get prepared for war
between the flesh and the spirit when the Lord says pray just hit the floor
if the enemy plottin you ,you can bet that he's wantin you dead cuz your a threat
then i'm tryna b a threat to everythang that he stands for
i'm not gon focus on the times that i've failed cuz i got a testimony to tell i'ma brush my shoulders off and stand back on my feet

you cant keep fallin
stumblin down
you cant keep stallin
you cant keep crawlin
gotta git back up on ya feet again
you cant keep crawlin
if i'm a righteous man
you cant keeps stallin
then i gotta git up
you cant keep fallin
you gotta git back up on ya feet again

verse 3

oh my GOD
i'm on my knees i got my hands to the sky
i need you LORD cuz i keep on stumblin
my spirit hungry and i aint been studyin
i know i'm worried cuz i told you dat i'm disconnected
the devil's at me and i know he got a deadly weapon
what should i do?
i know you see me under pressure the other day i seen da weapon in my brother's dresser
it's up 2 u i got da attitude to mash right?
but dear LORD could you show me how to use it right?
i'm screamin out bindin n castin dem demons out
i hold my own, i hold my own
i need your presence now!

gotta shake it off
i think i got it now
gotta shake it off
i think i can stand now
gotta shake it off
gotta shake it off
i'm stronger now
gotta shake it off
i feel your spirit now