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Testo Strapped Down

Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)

[Verse 1:]
It's my perogative to cock a glock have you not to live
get to dumppin on yo relatives
if they start to fussin
I'ma get to bustin
on anybody out of line
Hennessy in my body and a .9
rotty shotty doin naughty crimes
wit a quarter pokin out a dime
when you ride in the coupe deville itch
use to kill like a rider not a manakin
nigga posted wit a automatic steady panicin
instead of scramblin I'm damagin
any nigga take me for granted
have that figured cause that nigga'z bigger
I wont hesitate to let'em have it
I'ma addict
addicted to rappin weed in blunts and dope in plastic
wen the gun and the clip attaches
niggaz get lit like a book of matches
but hustlaz takin action cause nigga gotta get paid
quick to put a snitch niggaz in a ditch for the fact they bitch made
for a big face $20 bill
theres plenty of niggaz that i'll peal
like a banana in south sacromental sicc wit cliff and I'll back up
I don't give a fuck bout where we at CUZ
longs we in the city of sac you just betta watch yo bro
call me T NUTTY
for the green money I'll leave you leakin bloody red
creepin up like last flowheakin tweakin off what my cuddy said [cuddy said Nutty man]
these niggaz think that we dummies man
posted up like Al Bundy wit a blondy off bom we rapped up like a mummy

[Chorus x2:]
It's do or die nigga got me strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun) Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
fam its do or die nigga got me strapped wit a gun
they say I need to stop it but I'm cocky cause I'm on one

[Verse 2:]
Do to the fact that I'm off that yac
right now I'm feelin on sympathy
fuck a timonthy or anyone callin they-self my enemey
off the hennessy lost my energy
cuz I was smokin inner city bom wit my folk
most of the niggaz is Locs crush you wit a open paw
give up the dope or nigga get choked
matter a fact snatchback by throat strangled wit rope
now tangled up in the game wit out yo coke
cuz you prevoked a nigga wit scope snipe a nigga from the scova
hand it over man empty yo pocket I wonder knock you out yo nova
cuz of the doja and sova gettin over on me
cuz on my street we don't play that runnin gay cats up a tree
so wen theres beef I be stealin like a thief straight to the mouth like Keith
cuz I'm that nigga dats slicker than grease
pull out the weapon and sweat'em like Keith
fucc the police if they after me tryna capture but they cant
wen I arrive I got five on the fate
my nigga nate get the dank
and if it stank cause of that sticky icky
blow it lets get stupider
the bom I smoke is nuclear
it'll have you higher than jupiter

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
the gardens my neck of the woods and gonna be there for good
so all you wannabe niggaz theres only 1 Nutty-Nut so fucc yo hood
I give it like a nutt shood
dumpin wen them peckerwoods comin after me
the reason why I be buzzin cause I'm runnin wit cuzzin Anthony
so pass the weed so I can be thinkin of another tragedy
instead of aonther brother I rather smother the police academy
but niggaz is always mad at me
stare at Nutty wit an attitude
but it don't matter lil bitty dude
I'm not Mr. T but I pity fooz
if you getty rude part of the game maintain wen it rain
you betta be doin thang its tryna pass if you cant hang
you'll be beggin that bitch for change
I'll be changin my step from right to left
I'm like a pit that I'll fight to the death
kickin it wit killa sqiderz kept
dont try to creep cause I already crept
up on ya and I'd tried warn ya that gun
bigger than that nigga Panther nigga run
watch yo step cause niggaz these days get hurt
it be them scary fellows wearin fairy yellows
that get tooken off the turf
lookin up at the dirt

[Chorus x2]

[Guy's voice:]
now I was tryna figure out why the guy was sayin what he was sayin, Nicky just hitt'em
no matter how big a guy mite be, Nicky will take'em on
yo beat Nicky wit fist, he comes back wit a bat
you beat'em wit a knife, he comes back wit gun
and if you beat'em wit a gun you betta kill'em
cuz he'll keep comin back and back until wanna of you is dead

[Verse 4:]
why you actin like you know me homie
bite like arachnophobia
hold it right bro cause I'm that nigga on the terria
right now if not a nutty get out of here if you loud after the rotty shottysta
swollow the bottle of Vodika
feelin like pullin a lick on the Mafia
remind me up on a cop
like Mr. Officer lick cock
this is how we setup shop
load up tec and wet up a glock
and a bitch nigga I respect not
kiss my ass from Sac to Albany
all the niggaz that you saw wit me was mothafuckin G
A N G S T A tryna do betta than yesterday
chasin chedda instead of stressin betta cop you a weapon cause we bang
in a strange world where we hang out together
fuck what they talkin bout nigga whatever
look its my nigga Keith Sweat we all got the weapon for dumppin we dumppin for pepper
nigga from peter piper
most of my 24th streetaz liferz
maybe they stayin for shereddin gettin locked for case
earn stripes like Tony the Tiger
I'ma South Sider
if you not a rider then you can roll
but the rest of us wen we checkin punks
suckerz play low

[Chorus x4]

we crippin
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
my nigga
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
we gangstaz
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
South Side
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
no body
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
we bangin
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)
Strapped down wit a gun (wit a gun)

Thats how we gon do it nigga
Strapped down wit a Gezzell
.9z whatever nigaa