51 Deep Testo

Testo 51 Deep

Uh, I was raised rugged and ruthless, still loving the music
Saving advice as a youngster, leave niggaz mugging and toothless
I was a beginner, enduring the pain of a vet
Gaining respect, chin-checking bullets, and staining their flesh
Deranged by the cess, sober days, and high nights plenty
Too much of California cess'll make your eyesight dreary
Pioneering the market, tracking fear in my target
Cause in the beef, niggas' spirit can disappear from their carcass
You know our status, we College Park niggas the baddest
Soldiers with automatics, like Percy is with the title-clashes
Instead, it's not mythical, with lead, I'm despicable
Remaining on point, like infrareds from my syllables
And when the smoke diminish, I'll be standing alone
Humungous dollars to spend, I'm loving mammalous roams
Dozen mansions and homes for all my people
And 50 killers standing with chromes, we living lethal, we living lethal

[Chorus x2]
We roll 51 deep, all my South-coast niggas roll
We roll 51 deep, all my 3rd-coast niggas roll
We roll 51 deep, all my West-coast niggas
And my Midwest-niggas and my East-coast niggas roll

Man, y'all motherfuckers want to know why I'm dissing Three Six?
Three Six a bunch of bitch made, busta ass niggas
I ain't tell you about that time
Juicy J ate this bitch named Jessica, on her period?
In front of the whole fucking click, now what the fuck was that?
And I ain't also tell you about how DJ Paul used to always talk all this shit
About Gangsta Boo this, Gangsta Boo this, Gangsta Boo that

[T-Rock imitating DJ Paul]
You ain't never smelled Gangsta Boo breath?

And then he turn around, he licking the hoe ass and shit
So what the hell your breath smell like
You motherfucking rotten gold tooth, bitch made, busta ass nigga?
Cut your little small arm off, and fuck you up with it nigga
You can't fuck with this nigga
We rollin 51 deep, and fuck the 6 nigga
Cause it's Area 51 on mine, Dirty Dozen, A-Town,
College Park nigga, uhh!