Let The Hammer Go Testo

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Testo Let The Hammer Go

[Verse 1]
Energized and crunk for those who testing my path of destruction
Gas will be rubbing haters die from spontaneous combustion
Conceive a procedure for niggaz to bleed from the busting
Putting heads on platters slip the heat wit 3 G's and we bushing
Triple X-rated tramps I gotta show reefer for fucking
lead them to sucking with my intimate ego seduction
my habitat Atlanta tracks, the seed of corruption
constantly playing and engaging in meaningless fucking
fatal intentions breaking niggaz jaws and facial tendons
ballistic verbal and controversial like racial lengents
scandalous traders get erased by a vandalis playa
trample a fakeuh with more game then Los Angeles Raiders
I puff an L and get high as hell from the cannabis vapors
you can try your crime a million times it wont manage to fade us
a drout is coming so I'm hustling frantic for paper
superior dope and caliber smoke is what vanish invaders

For you faggots in the place we gonna bring it to your door
when the match is in your face you be clinging to your ho
but if the gat is on my waste I'm gonna peel your fucking fro
tell me how the barrel taste when I let the hammer go

[Verse 2]
See the game is cold the strangers bold to make my temperature frigider
Ain't no hide away you can die today my torture distributors
and I might resort to violence if my money is miniature
cause of after integers over took by a sinister
attitude smooth but my thoughts are actually brutal
ass kicking for cash missions yo status be crucial
fast thinking on 20's they glisten the matic is useful
when the war is in session its doing bastard removal
You claim you ironman ryu starter.. punk I know some worlds harder
hot as fire and gas leave more casualties than Pearl Harbor
can resort to that everyday I burn a quarter sack when I scorch a track
backs I shatter like a torture rack
mommas cry for what's dramatized and get murderous
mummified after homicide he's preservative
why I live according to the God because I'm merciless
walk up to Miami case you bytches wanna burn with us


[Verse 3]
Ever since eleven I pursue it researching for knowledge when I'm clueless
Innervision my flicker my shit will blow up like lighter fluid
Pussies getting battered morning after my presence scattered
Got no time for slitting climbing up the entire ladder
My telekinesis crumble compared to this to pieces
Haters turn to pieces deleted when called by my Jesus
Satan got defeated when hell get it
I believe that soldiers who retreated got beheaded not quadriplegic
Devouring souls in blunts we keep the booter roll
Doing shows selling out coliseums like super bowls
My click smoking on toxins and die bitch
Forced to kill a doc keep my holiness that's my sidekick
Shit get very hot my scary plot to bury cops
Pigs go to smoking big reefer while in the Mariot
Since I'm rock solid my glock cock it the blocks logic
Feds infiltrate it watch I cream their ass like hot chocolate