Sloppy Tuna Testo

Testo Sloppy Tuna

[Hook: Hefna Gwap]
Ain't nobody wakin up
Because ain't nobody sleep
You don't need no chase wit us
Hella gas lit in the ashtray wit us
Hella gas lit in the ashtray wit us

It's Friday night
No empty room
Matafact it's Saturday mornin
Its 4am and ain't nobody snorning

Bottles popped
And the mirrors clouded
Hella shots
Last night must of been a party
(Agh yea)
Now I'm runnin threw tha field
Wit all these white bitches
Feelin like a young OJ
Nigga tryna cut em
(Ugh huh)
No Ice, keep it neat
No pipes, for the tree
Straight blunts as she roll anotha 40
(Agh yea)
And ya know jus exactly what she wants
Gotta give her that dope
Take control of that body
[Verse 1: Hefna Gwap]
Now they done let the wrong dick by that wet
I was so drunk, heard I knocked the same bitch again
Maine whats wrong with Fukin two friends
Cuz damn these hamptons hoes be on thick

Yea she be fealin A nigga like that
And she be fealin them niggas that's trap
Now whats 2 shots, I need bops
Be tryna stick somethin, then let the crew pop
(Get that)
Memories of the memory
(Ohhhp Ohhhp)
Hit the beach, tats lookin clean
T I know that you remember, that's that bitch in all that pink
From seven eleven, leavin sloppy tuna was a dream
(you know it)
Them and me run trains like centipedes
(Yup yup yup)
Gurneys breeze Pour it on some cheeks
(Get em open)
Bet I know just exactly what she wants
I'mma give her that
But if she sleep, where her sister at


[Verse 2: T-Shyne]
We out at Gurneys chillen on the beach
Me and hef took a hood nigga brought him to the east
White girl cookin I ain't payin for no feast
She wanna pay for the dick I whipped it out she like sheeze
I'm a pimp see my name up on a blimp
You can find me up at Cyril's probably eatin on some shimp
Shorty talking a lot she give me mad lip
When I pull it out she start soundin like my Ad-libs
T-Shyne you a Luna Eclipse
You want women thank god sloppy tuna exist
We spent a turnt night at the memory motel
And if them hoes tell, fuck it nigga oh well
Young magician got a get ho spell
When them bitches see me bet they pussy start to propel (to me)
I'm the muthafuckin king of the hamptons
Bad bitch make my dick slang in her mansion