Life Testo

Testo Life

(feat. Bizzy Bone)

Yeah (This is the life, I live) Ta Smallz, Bizzy Bone. Life Entertainment, you know what it is (Welcome to my life) Yeah. (This is the life I live) Sit down while we tell you 'bout life. (Welcome to my life)

[Bizzy Bone:]
Now give me a minute so I can tell you what it is
This is for the kids, this is for the world
This is for the love that I share with the temple, that we all are of one accord
Livin' this life I feel my, my spirit take flight and then my soul arises to new heights
Alright, little glory in hindsight, let's go, let's roll
Hold up, gotta get that quickly, simply, that masterful turn of the symptom
One more day to go, your welcome to the hood that I come from
Never gon' run from, welcome to the battlefield
That's where the murder and the battles real
We them guillotines, 9 mms in the trenches, henchmen, it's ascension
Pinch hitters are the reverends and we love not our life till the ending
To the beginning, swerving, and we mendin', look at the time we spendin'
Or did I blend in well or what? Sit down get a cup of somethin'
I'm in a rush for the plush, and plus,
In God we trust, yeah Jesus with us, yeah Jesus with us
And what a song, sprinkle like sweet rain, never never come again
It's cool, I want to ride and we'll find, no other is like mine, no other is like mine.
Mankind, get a clue, life is twice as nice
Allahu Akbar, I won't ever leave Jesus Christ

[Chorus: x2]
It's my life
It's gon try to break ya (life)
It's gonna complicate ya (life)
It's full of fakers (life)
Ya gonna meet some haters
You could get blown away
Could be gone tomorrow, but your here today
Gettin tired of the struggle, need to go get paid?
Stop runnin with the devil and go get saved.

[Ta Smallz:]
You know I'm getting tired of just barely getting by, and
Just tryna life my life, sometimes I don't know why I'm rhyming.
Look in my babys eyes, It's keeping me from dying
I bet a million to one, them boys got perfect timing
Just like your dad is shining, another perfect diamond
I can't believe they grow up, don't wanna see them riding
Don't wanna see them grinding out in this battlefield
People in the streets like to shoot to kill
They want to rise and steal, and this is so for real
I said, Whatchu want?
I Got it.
Whatchu need?
I Got it.
Any deeds for my seeds, you can believe
Watch mister nice guy turn in to a beast
Whatchu know?
I taught it.
Whatchu need?
I bought it.
I do it all for my peeps so they ain't gotta hustle to eat.
It's my belief? It's Life.


[Ta Smallz:]
They say life's a bitch, and then you die, that's a lie
At life you get rich, or either die trying
My lifes been pain, parents died
But I made it through the rain, tragedy to triumph
First they killed my mom, and now my dad is gone
They injured this child, now I'm so alone
You see the devil chasing, when the grown man cries
So I asked the question with tears in my eyes
Why does the good die young, the young always die?
Why is everybody close to me in the sky? I said,
I can't take it, I can't fake it, I'm gon' make it, you can't break this,
From streets to churches, spin the songs and verses, I saving souls
I'm here for a purpose, when they murderd mom and dad, december 9,
You protected me, you saved my life - (My life)

[Bridge: Over the chorus]
(Ta Smallz and Bizzy Bone, Ta Smallz and Bizzy bone,
Ta Smallz and Bizzy Bone, Ta Smallz and Layzie bone
Ta Smallz and Bizzy Bone, Ta Smallz and Bizzy bone,
Ta Smallz and Bizzy Bone, Ta Smallz and Layzie bone)

Ta Smallz and Bone, Ta Smallz and Bone, Ta sSallz and Bone,
Ta Smallz and Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone, and Bone. Ta Smallz and Bone. (Wish)
Ta Smallz and Bizzy Bone, (Krayzie) Ta smallz and Layzie Bone (Flesh)
And Flesh is home.
Hahaaha, welcome home big brah. We love ya