Glacial Night Testo

Testo Glacial Night

Dark shadows in my chamber
Your voice whispering from Somewhere
Left behind is the crimson of the dawn
Calmed down is the wind
The last ray of sun
This moment Of lonelyness
I mourn when it´s getting dark...

As the sun is rising after the darkest night I have Finally awaken
To see that you are my all and everything
As my wings are broken
I am the darkness of the night
I will find myself again
Is this true?
Or am I dreaming?

Stay! Stay away from me, you´re only seconds away from the
Pain! The pain that I feel, leave me here alone
The brisk shivers that are going through my soul,
The squalor I stand I
will absorb all your zest for me

Is this true?
Or am I dreaming?