All That I Gave Testo

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Testo All That I Gave

Deception crowds your thoughts.
you burned this bridge and now i'm gone.
i wish that i could take everything i gave.
years that seemed a waste
and yet i still have the strength.
though you're everything i hate
this time i will not wait.
i believed apologies.
now i see i was weak.
you learn to pick up fast.
i should have known this wouldn't last.
you search for sympathy
in all the wrong spots.
how long can you live your life
trying to be something you're not.
it's easy to forgive
but when your let down you don't forget.
all that is left for you is hate behind my eyes.
what are you trying to prove.
we played these games for years.
now it's done and you're standing by yourself.

over the years
you've gotten the best of me.
now my eyes are open
and i can plainly see