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Testo Make Moves

You ain't ridin, I don't care how much you say you is
You ain't handle your biz
Stop that bullshit you pull all the time
Trying to figure where the next dime
Or the next fifth of wine is at
And who gon buy it for you
Who gon get it for you
Who gon pour it for you, roll it for you
Shit you ain't a soldier
You a leach
Living life like a day at the beach
Talking about the old days and how you ran the street
Stop looking for coke
Looking for smoke
Tasting these ho's, trying, you broke
Nigga life ain't a joke
What your pussy ass laughing for
Bitch ain't shit funny
Ain't nobody got no money
Get off the couch, turn that TV off
Hang up the phone, get your ass out the house
Leave that lifestyle alone
Cos while you chill, they bill
While you max, they attack
So ask questions and damn guessing

Some niggas do, so watch the next man do
Some niggas make moves, so watch the next man move
You think it's cool to sit back
You think it's cool to just chill and relax
Fuck around and get left like that
Some niggas strive, so watch the next man strive
Some niggas gon fly, so watch the next man fly
You think it's fly to get high
You think it's fly that you barely get by
Get the fuck up and open your eyes nigga
Recognize and get wise

Say it's the system, then you damn right
But if you ain't trying to change it
Then you can't say shit to me
Folk talking about scrubs and pigeons
Like they don't know how the fuck we living
Niggas trippin and buggin
Don't let them crackers hook you
On that dollar-dollar bill thrill
The world is still real
Niggas need meals
And guns still kill
They niggas want oh yes my niggas will in a heartbeat
Cos niggas got to eat, dirty
You gon truck, you get stuck
You best learn to share a little and care a little
Turn your nose up
Be caught in the middle
Looking like you from the other side of tracks
Some say it's wrong
Probably hate this song
I say it's right
And say it with all my might
Cos when we fight
You know who gon win it
So whatcha waiters and haters waitin and hatin for
Fuck if you like this
We in a crisis