Momma Told Me Imma Be Testo

Testo Momma Told Me Imma Be

Momma told me Imma be a star one day
Woke up in the morning and kissed my face
"Time to go, you're too special"
To lay around my house and take up space
You're gonna do something for the human race
You didn't get my eyes, but you got my face
Now go find some dream to chase
Momma told me Imma be a star one day
Went to all the games that I didn't play
Said stay strong, it won't take long
It started off slow, but you'll get there quick
Zip that coat so you don't get sick
Believe in yourself boy, that's the trick
You're building this thing up, brick by brick

She would pick me up from practice
And she'd take me home from school
She made me believe in magic
She knew Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy too

Momma told me Imma be a star one day
Cried a little bit when I went away
I grew up, and all that stuff
She told me I need to pick up my phone
If it doesn't work out, you can come back home
Knew I couldn't go, 'cuz I'm too grown
Gotta figure this out alone

But she helped me move to my apartment
In the center of Downtown L.A
Hugged me and said you just getting started
I know that my star will find a way