I'll Never Love Again Testo

Testo I'll Never Love Again

I was wrong to let you walk right out of my life. i was dumb to think that i could survive. Was a fool to think that the grass was greener on the other side. Now it hurts to know that he means that i..

Chorus: I'll never love again.(never, never)
I'll never find nobody who can love me like you do. I'll never find nobody to treat me the way you do.
I'll never find nobody else, ey. I'll never fall in love again. ey.(4x)

I was stupid to think that any love could compare to the love that you gave to me from you. was a fool, yes a fool to think that i'd find anywhere anyone thats better for me, than you.

and now my heart is stone cold because you've gone, gone away.

gone away. (7x)

Chorus. (2x)