The Last Word Testo

Testo The Last Word

Seven days in paradise, two eighteen year old lovers. And from the way it felt like nothing else, who would've known they'd ruin each other?
She said "Remember when, way back then, when we'd kiss we'd catch on fire?"
He said "Flash ahead to here and now, he's a wreck and she's a liar."
I will find a way to forget what happened between us, two years together shattered in pieces. I will never get them back, but I'm leaving with my heart intact. I bet you thought you got the last word, I'm counting four they go: "YOU'RE NOT WORTH IT." Don't you dare do anything, just keep the years I'm leaving with my heart.
So, now she found some "Mr. Right" to keep her warm and safe at night. Baby get down you know we call it "The Rebound" baby get down.
I don't want to see you in the street, we collide enough in my dreams. When I can get to sleep that is, I've got to find a way.
So take tonight and let your hair down when you hit the town.
I don't regret what happened between us, I don't expect a thing from you. I just want you off my mind forever. Keep the years I'm leavin with my heart