Knees To The Earth Testo

Testo Knees To The Earth

Oh my God, forgive me when I've failed you I was wrong, to think that I could do this on my own. Now everyone has left me, everything comes crashing down, everything comes crashing down. I run my mouth saying things I know I do not mean. What do I know of suffering? I cry out, "Will there be rest for the weary?" I lift my hands. I lift my eyes. To the hills to the God who saves me. My heart's been compromised. I will not turn away, not this time. Take my heart and make it right. I swear things could be different, please don't leave me behind. These thoughts run through my mind, please
don't leave me behind. I hope tomorrow will be better, I pray by then I'll be alright. Reach down and put your arms around me, keeping my goals in sight. I'm on my knees raising my hands, "Oh God forgive me of my sins!" The war is over but the battle rages on.