Closer Testo

Testo Closer

Hey, Hey, as I'm writin' this song
My account's in the minus
Rent fell behind and I'm countin' up dimes
Damn it's hard for me to fail
Like it's really my time
And when I open up my wallet
And it's there's nothing inside it
And the check ain't comin' till Friday
Damn it's only Sunday
Gotta make it some way

On my way to Brooklyn on the New York City subway
Thinkin' it'll be okay, you goin' make it one day
But my mom says "son make that struggle yours,"
Cause before you make it listen you goin' struggle more

Had an all time low I never met before
Face on the floor fightin' for an open door
And when times like these though I don't smoke
My homie Al Rose passes and I take a toke
And realize when I'm walkin' on a tight rope
All I really ever have is hope. Just Hope...

How far we've gone
How far we're going in
It's the here and the now, and the love for the sound
Or the moments that keep us moving

Want no women right now I'm so selfish
Too busy tryin' to be the next Elvis
Don't see how I can do it being selfless
All I care about is music and Delgis
That's why I spend all this time alone
At home, mad missed calls on my phone
All I really wanna do is let myself grow
Get away somewhere and let it all go
And come back stronger
I'mma make it happen ain't waitin' any longer
Ride through the struggle till it's over
Even when it feels like I'm carryin' a boulder
Heavy on my shoulders. I'mma show ya

Soldier on
Soldier on
Keep your heart
Close to the ground

Soldier on
Soldier on
Keep your heart
Close to the ground

Don't think about it all
Just keep your head low
Don't think about it
At all

Yeah, will you take me tonight [x3]
Ooooh... tonight