How many until death Testo

Testo How many until death

Prozac eyes and coffee smiles and

White teeth on a botox face

Chocolate and asprin

Get your kickes

We take the drugs the drugs youth and
Look away sucking on a cigarette

With death in our hands

And life ever grand

So baby hold tight

Inside I'm aching

Outside there's no outside

In here put of your blues

Put on your skin

And let the song begin

How many until death?
Thirsty and head aching I take 2 3 4

Know I'll fuck it up this way

But I'll do it anyway

O so stiff and stark

So tight and thin a finger on your lips

A finger up your throat

See the stain upon your face

So baby hold tight inside you're aching outside there's no outside

Cut it away with knives and spoons until you're asleep in blank sheets and join me to the crowded little bar where everybody's dacing till 6 0'clock without losing their breath...

How many until death