this boy Testo

Testo this boy

I think everybody can replace themselves in this boy,

Sometimes we all feel like this though

Even we don't wanna deny

We do feel it, and wondering why

This is gonna make it feel better
I wrote this letter

For you..

This guy, knowing what he wants

And it's killing him inside

All he's ever think of and

He all wants to hide

I don't know him so well, but

I know that his heart cried

Felt so miserable, cuz everybody lied
But everything he ever wanted

is himself and her, to be right

working way too hard,

more then he can take

Leave this boy alone, All he needs

Is a break

I know about this charming boy, he is not a fake

You are shy, But you don't have to deny

Every human has feelings. Don't ask yourself why.

You can do whatever you want

Don't you say you can't

This time you will have

A very happy end.

This one's for you Mike.

What doesn't kill you, will make you stronger!