A Message To The Government Testo

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Testo A Message To The Government

... you might have seen me on the tube
With your little son or daughter eyes glued to the screen
But ain't it as bad as it seem
Now could you imagine in your wildest dreams
Comin from nothin making somethin out your wildest dreams
Been hustlin since a pre-teen it must be in my genes
Knot in my starter coat bout a g in my jeans
It's the reason why the streets crowned me as the king
And why robber crews don't mind seein me bling
Man I'm a seven time felon how you bein with me?
From running through house? and the caine fifty thousand?
Scream my name and sing the same song that I spit flames on
Broad shoulder body part they tattoo my name on
Hey I think you muthafuckas got the game wrong
I came to bring game to the game and turn the lame off
Sucka niggas keep hatin' I'm a flame on
Wherever there's a fire sire? sut to place the flame on?

Okay first things first
Fuck what you think you know bout me
You crack-pushin petty thief man that's so not me
You heard the album read a magazine, oh I see
Well I'll admit I've got a past I don't care to repeat
But I ain't half as bad as niggas you comparin with me
Rich or poor you still a nigga that's apparent to me
But transition from the streets I know you'll rarely be seen
That's duely noted, still your profilers embarassin me
Got me under investigation because of my association
With niggas I barely know by they faces ain't know relation
I mean for pete sake, how much pressure from the police in each state can a young g take?
I'm dyin to eat steak with a mil in each safe
Got a crib with a gate so my kids can be safe
Tryin to fly straight, these chances I take
Could end a good night and ruin a nice day
Hey you watchin? you goin see, you barkin up the wrong tree
Just cause I'm a seven time felon ho-mie
In addition to the lies snitches tellin on me
I don't mean you can put the dope they were sellin on me