Bankhead Testo

Testo Bankhead

[T.I.:] Westside nigga (hey, hey, hey, Bankhead nigga)

I got my 44's, and my dro, and my Chevy on 24's, and my Hoe,
now where'm I sposed ta go (Bankhead nigga)
I got my
44's, and my dro, and my
Chevy on 24's, and my
Hoe, now where'm I sposed ta go
(Bankhead nigga)

see me
Ridin in the chevy 44's on the seat wit a
Quarter o blow get low lemme see, no tags, no license, da trunk loaded wit d ridin
Fluids in ND, where we normally be, they pull us
Over you think i'm stoppin you must be fuckin' wit me,
if they don't wanna die tonight they best stop fuckin'wit me Ima
Pull over and boy hom where my cousin will be and they gon
Hide me in they home while they lookin' for me

now we the
Neighborhood superstars, pimp a chevy pullin' hard
Thousand dollars worth of dimes
in the trap with rockstars we
Puttin' fear in cowards hearts
when they see us on the block
Swirvin' in da duce and fo all the bustin' shots just because the Hell I care about gettin caught
Im makin' bail by 12 o'clock
Back in the spot with the same bomb, serve and drop
I pull a hoe in Bangkok, drop her off at tip spot
Im burnin' rubber fuck the cops, another day on my block


Cadillac daddy pulled up on some hoes from old naddy
Said I'm Pimp Squad hoe what's happenin'
Westside gettin them panties snappin
she aksed me can I do the Laffy Taffy
I said I do to make the pussy happy
Lets get em home over on Virginia
Step inside a sweeta nigga contender you in for a
Lil fender bender
Baby just remember make it quick
You niggas kinda know me im the shit

[Big Kuntry:]
I'm the in the
Bubble, cush Chevy well at least that's what it smells like
Hit the gas, poof, fire blowing out the tailpipe
Tailpipe, that's all these hoes wanna lick for the night I
Treat em like Tina beat the pussy in the ya car and be ight
That's right, monster ridin' sittin' on the 28's it
Sounds like a stadium, you woulda thought the braves played their
Injured runnin' like Vick
With the falcons on the hood
Mr. Mr. Westside
Yeah you know they in my hood


Ain't no
Telling where i'm goin', once i'm steppin' out, singin' on the
High life windows up in the clouds open up your consel that's where I got my gun,
right next to that
get that finger roll another one
I got the vitamins make a freak fuck all night
Hoes know killas on the Westside
Earn stripes make the money turn right just look at my
Piece and my grillz swirvin'
off church street the pimp god gave me skills

[Young Dro:]
I was born up in Bankhead (Young Dro)
ya'll remember me
Way back in 83', T.I. stayed on the street for me
Just cause im from Bankhead, niggas havin' beef with me
Half never seen a G, in the cap and my beemer V
10 screens folded, in my Chevy watchin' "Lean On Me"
Ridin' down Simpson bout to waste my Purple lean on me
Purple in the clean on me, the hoes on premolean
Waffle house charges the color black, I got a bee on me