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Testo In A Nutshell

[feat. Lady G Spodee]

[Hook: Lady G]
In a nutshell, I'm the shit off in this bitch
The reason all the bad bitches switch off in this bitch
I'm flyer than a rocket, lift off up in this bitch
Everybody on their toes, I'm on my tip off in this bitch
In a nutshell, we getting money, cracking bitches
Paparazzi has their cameras snapping, taking pictures
Maserati snatchin 60 down the residential
I can tell from your reaction you don't know nobody realer
In a nutshell

[Verse 1: T.I.]
Shawty I'm so far gone
Redhead and a blonde on each arm
Lanvin, Louboutin, Maison Margiela
They be blogging about what I got on, debating where they sell 'em
I tell 'em, even if you find 'em, you ain't finna get 'em
My swagger on Beretta: (click click) Pow! Get 'em
Boy I'm all about that balling
I just flossed a stunt but I don't front
Damn this shit they talking about
Bitch, I ain't got it because I don't want it
Sex on the Beamer, arrogant demeanor
She say she ain't freaking, bet I turn her like Tina
Mills on deck, got that check, no FEMA
Looking at my net like overlooking the marina
Them machines out front in the valet, not the alley
In my Ballys cracking bitches from the valley out in Cali
With that bread, I'm a beast, you don't know about me?
National Geographic did a show about me

[Hook: Lady G]

[Verse 2: T.I.]
Man, ain't nobody on my level
Just ask that new Bugatti or them diamonds in my bezel
I throw a ho a mazi I don't give a shit about it
Party with me, I collect the hottest bodies as a hobby
Fly as I can be, need no copilot
The bomb, kill shit dead, kamikaze
Better watch me though, I'm definitely popping, that I'm certain of
We grand hustle playboys, partner, ain't no work in us
All the money we throwing, they reimbursing us
Get 'em to the crib and fill their pussies, not their purses up
Need no dress rehearsal, bruh, I'm fresh as shit, it's effortless
Amazing hoes, impressing bitches: "Tip is just the best at this! "

[Hook: Lady G]

[Verse 3: Spodee]
I'm a stunner, kill 'em without a lama
They callin' me paris hunter whenever in Ferragamo
They love me in California, they feel him in Arizona
I got hoes so bad, I wanna drill 'em without a condom
I fill 'em up in the Hummer, I fill 'em up with the mali
Keep 'em off of the white and fill 'em up with the rati
I'm a Eastside Gotti with a beachside hottie (yeah)
It's always on me, I got a discreet sign, shottie
Since I've been getting bigger, I picked up a couple hobbies
Now I like to fly, now I like Ducatis
First I was just hot, now I'm like wasabi
In a nutshell, nigga, I'm the shit to everybody

[Hook: Lady G]