Picture Me Mobbin Testo

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Testo Picture Me Mobbin

Pour some liquor for my niggas
Just to let you know how much I miss you
I'ma hold it down for the block, triple white Maybach on my 2Pac
Picture me mobbing (x4)

We riding late night, triple white Maybach on a mission walking off at Magic City
It's gon' be an ass and titty night, city light
Now you front and glare, but I don't care
If you crackin' and [?], we gon' be all above it there
Make sucker raise up and make that bitch raise
Eyebrows I ain't even gonna [??]
Man, I ain't never been is bitch made
You small time nigga, welcome to the big league , homie you passed
Playing tough, no we tenderony(?)
Off a nigga quick and quick to offer testimony
So I stay up about my lonely
They phony, I'm [?] dodging
Sophisticated thug life, see a nigga mobbing

Picture me mobbing
Picture me mobbing
Picture me mobbing
Picture me mobbing