She's So Fly Testo

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Testo She's So Fly

Say Mo (yeah bruh)
You remember them broads on the strip out in Vegas?
(Uh-huh, what about 'em?) Well
I don't know if I told you or not but (hm)
Lil' shawty I was in the back seat with me, you know uh (uh, Naomi)
I ran into her on Rodeo Drive in L.A., and I was like

(She's so fly) She's outrageous, I met her out in Vegas
She fresh off the pages of a magazine, I said
(She's so fly) She like eye candy, I can't stop starin'
I'm like goddamn, I got to have you girl, because
(She's so, fly)

Look at shorty hoppin' out that Maserati
In them Giuseppe Zanotti's and that bangin' ass body
In them low cut Frankie B.'s with the panties peekin' out 'em
With a booty that big, and her stomach rock solid
On Rodeo Drive, walkin' in her Roberto Cavalli
I should probably walk up to the register and say "I got it"
Go and pick up what you like, it's nothin' ma, don't worry about it
That bag should be carried by somebody so exotic
And that dress should be worn when there's nothin' else up under
Just in case I run into you I can pull up to your bumper
She politely declined when I offered her my number
Then I asked her what's her name, said she'd rather make me wonder
So I paid and she laughed, carried out her bags outside
And I couldn't get her ass, I tried
As I watch her leave out the store
How one man wanted shorty ass and more, for sure


Shorty bring the Cialis
See my hand, got the money countin' callus
Couldn't find a bigger star down in Dallas
And the Pistons ain't the only one with rings in (The Palace)
Do your research, tell me your analysis
Take a jet and make you wonder where you land like Alice
Tell me shorty ain't the baddest
Tell me shorty don't deserve to walk the runway in Paris
(Woo!) She deserve it all
I don't do the mall, I do it by catalog
La Perla panties and bras, fuck buyin' at the bar
I fuck around and buy this whole club by tomorrow
See, she's so nice
She can get whatever she likes
Don't let the price make you mad
I live a Fabolous life shorty, (Throw it in the bag)


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
(She's so fly)
What? Ha, yeah, yeah
(She's so fly to me)
Look at her
Uh, hoppin 'out that Rover (hey)
In them Louie loafers (hey)
I just wanna hold her (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
(Closer to me, closer to me)

Aye, we in Vegas on the strip and seein' vision and precision lookin' like a straight star
With the buttons undone, showin' off her lace bra
My partner in the back, 'til the smoke hop in they car
Okay, broad in L.A., she say I got until tomorrow, ha
So, we hopped in the land and we rolled out, yeah
Walked on the end and we showed out, yeah
It's the King and the One with the dough out hurr
We can blow out hurr, cause she's so fly


(She's so, fly)