That's What I Thought Testo

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Testo That's What I Thought

(feat. Mac Boney & Killer Mike)

[Intro: T.I.]
Nigga that's what I thought, I thought
Ay, ay, ay, ay
Yeah pussy nigga that's what I thought, I thought

[Chorus: T.I.]
Better go on with that bullshit, we know you ain't doin shit
Walkin round, talkin loud, still ain't got into it yet
We be on that hood shit, you know how we do it bitch
Nigga walk up to a bitch, nigga tell 'em you a bitch
And you flaw (you flaw) and you soft (you soft)
Yeah pussy nigga that's what I thought
Ay, ay you flaw (you flaw) and you soft (you soft)
Yeah pussy nigga that's what I thought

Ay, I was the nigga with the tool out, right in front the schoolhouse
Then the bigger nigga fail assassin, what it do now?
Catch him let him have it, nigga best be glad I cooled out
A fool wit it, hit a nigga hood, make him move out
Yeah, nigga know it ain't no hoe enough
Try Thursday night and Friday shit you go to blowin up
Better catch a clip on that block[?] Chevy go to showin up
Sho' 'nuff we at your do' and on ya ass soon as it open up
Nigga twice as old as us, knew we was 'bout that action too
Up and down the avenue, walkin wit a attitude
Try whoever ready for whatever, it don't matter dude
Best be on your P's and Q's cause never know what Cap'll do
He kept a nigga on the news, he a fool wit it
Nowadays it's different, I don't understand how dude get
Computer doin it, makin threats over the internet
Talkin 'bout what you gon' do and you ain't did it yet!


[Mac Boney]
Yeah that's what I thought, and that's what I was thinkin
You know Boney be on point, especially when I'm drinkin
I play a hater smooth to the left side, pimpin off of Westside
And I don't take light to all the square types, I'm 'bout mine
Stomp a nigga ass like I'm tryin to mix some red wine
Be all on yo' ass like a canine, rewind
I start to bring the fists out, then I brought the pistols out
Runnin through the spot, you done brought the brown niggaz out
Finger itchin now, should you get the bigger picture now
I want him out, a hater to get raw I will air him out
Think about, every single thing that you care about
Stare down the barrel of my bad news carrier
The more the merrier, a group of suckers watch me tear 'em up
The boss said hurry up, while I go crank the McClaren up
You haters scared of us, cause we known to make a cherry bust
You not prepared for us, we done came into yo' area


[Killer Mike]
Gilla Killer from the villa, Westside go-rilla
Go realer than these country-ass monkey-ass niggaz
These funky-ass niggaz, asswipe how I treat 'em
Fuck nigga how I greet 'em, first I beat 'em 'til they feed 'em
Might shoot 'em, might leak 'em, funerals I might preach 'em
right befo' I six feet 'em - you already know the story bruh
Call the coroner, this sucker dead meat
I ain't never scared pussy nigga, I just dead beef
Eat it like Angus, sticky Cali bud, knock a plug out your anus
If I aim higher leave yo' monkey-ass brainless
Front page constitution, damn I make a fuck nigga famous
Fuck nigga famous!
Now the call the governor, the mayor and the chief of the police
Tell 'em homicide is high ridin, I'm back on they street
Then, call the traffic gangstas and the suckers talkin lip
Tell 'em bang bang bang if a nigga speak on Tip