The Amazing Mr. F**k Up Testo

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Testo The Amazing Mr. F**k Up

I loved you
When there was nothing
And now look what you've done
To me

It's amazing how
Yeah, yeah
You hurt me so
Goddamn, yeah
How could you do this again?
You must work really hard to fuck up this much, uh
That shit is amazing, I swear (I say, ayy)
It's amazing how
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
You hurt me so
Goddamn, man, you fucked up again?
Over and over again
Sheesh, how the fuck you keep up with this shit
(Damn) You never cease to amaze me, man

It's a, amazing all the shit I done
Such examples I've been setting for my son
All she did was stay down and have my kid
All the time just to realize I ain't shit
Such audacity that I must have
To get in men company and slap on ass
Damn, if I must say in my defense
I think should get credit for the asses I resist
What? Goddamn, now she get upset
Huh, hang up in my face and block my number and shit
Thinkin', 'you fucked that up again, man, why don't you just apologize
For all the time you done got caught out in all the lies
For all the time that shawty put in on this long ride
I'm 'posed to show her compassion, I show a lot of pride'
Then when she looked at me, told me, "You runnin' out of time"
But this gon' feel different on the other side, it's gon' be amazing

It's amazing how
You hurt me so
How could you do this again?
I swear, man, uh
Just when I think you can't fuck up no more (I say, ayy)
It's amazing how
Here this nigga go again, yeah
You hurt me so
I can set my watch off for you
Over and over again
Fuck is wrong with you, dude?
(Ayy) You ain't shit, you know that, my nigga?

I—I say
It's a, amazing how far I've come
Homicide, fed time, auto-gun
I used to take girls gettin' work on the run
Cut to the day and, man, I get in trouble flirtin' with one
Goddamn, like the one we love, hurt her the most
Broken promises and broke your heart, fill up the boat
Make it too heavy when the water deadly
Holler at your capture, tried to tell you but you're hardheaded
They all meddlin' in your business, 'cause they all messy
And I don't let them bitches stress me that be y'all headache
Got all my life to make you happy, this a small delay
Don't sweat the small shit
Said I'd be dead in my twenties, I bet they all pissed
Drippin', spendin' eighty in Venice, same at the dentist
Hopin' the gifts'll change your perception of me
Look how I went from kissin' and lovin' her
To bein' just a nigga that she suffer for, damn, that's amazing

It's amazing how
You hurt me so
You really fucked that up, bro
How could you do this again?
Nobody could'a did that like you, man, congratulations, man
Never cease to amaze me, man, it's just amazing
It's amazing how
I tell you, for a brilliant motherfucker you plum dumb sometimes
You hurt me so
Look at what Mr Fuck Up has fucked up again
Over and over again
Round of applause for Mr Fuck Up, please. Everybody stand up

How could you, how could you hurt
How could you, how could you hurt, me
Just when we think
No one can fuck up as much as they fucked up before, he is, he set the new standard
He's raising the bar, this shit's a—fucking—mazing people
How could you, how could you hurt
Pay homage where homage is due
How could you, how could you hurt, me
You can learn a lot from anybody, man
Even a motherfucker who show you exactly what not to do, you know?
Anybody in life, man, you know what I'm saying?
How could you, how could you hurt
Fuck a role model, get a real model, man
Somebody who gon' be real with you all the time
How could you, how could you hurt, me, oh baby
Good or bad, you know?
A role model just playing a role, you know?

LONDON: Give me back my necklace!
T.I.: No
LONDON: Give me my damn necklace back!
T.I.: Why should I?
LONDON: 'Cause it's mine... and it means something to me
T.I.: Man, watch out