IFYB Testo

Testo IFYB

Shout out G-Eazy, baby

I fucked your bitch, she on the rosé
Now she out here cheatin' again
She see the 'rari, the roli, she know me
All of my tiny meat tellin the friends (ayy)
Hoodie Givenchy
Car with no roof but the bitch gimme top
Ice on my wrist, like I'm illegal
I hit it so good she don't want me to stop (ooh)
Ya bitch obsessed with the gas (why?)
'Cause she loves smoking my pipe
I eat out her box, like some leftovers
Please do not turn on the lights
Y'all cuddled up on the couch
But she so deep in my DMs
Talkin' bout, "Please, come pick me up
Just for tomorrow, I get off at ten"

I fucked yo bitch
Two shots of Henney and she let me hit (ayy)
Making a mess of yo bed
She texting yo phone while she givin' me head (yah)
She's like a lake, I throw the dick
She 'bout to throw with the lace
Yellow that match with the drapes
Just like the towel she use when I nut on her face
Back in the sack, she give me neck
I'm givin her O's like a check
Hold up
You hit her phone but I'm serving the dick
She ain't calling you back
Wait, wait, wait
Fucking her up on the wall
Which one?
Paper with the flowers, just like the hall
I'm up in her vault, her legs be shaking bro, she 'bout to fall
Wait, wait, wait
Them towels is yellow?
And they gon' match with the drapes?
Uh, yeah
Li'l white shitzu, poopin' all over da place?
Yeah, Scooba
Yo, that's my girl's dog, bro you been fucking my bitch?
Wh-, uhh
Have you been fuckin' my bitch?

Uh, yeah, I fucked yo bitch, over and over and over
Knees on her shoulders, we doing yoga
She give dat good brain like she Yoda
Spin her around, she doin' flips
Just like your parents, she do the splits
You drivin' Lyft, savin' for gifts
I showed her my dick, she forgot you exist
Bro, we are not rappers, this is a joke
You do not fuck her for real
I met everyone in her family
That is a fucking big deal
You givin' her pipe
I'm in the kitchen cookin' her meals?
A relationship is two people
How the fuck am I third wheel?
Damn, dude, I'm (ugh), my bad I- I don't know, we were trying to be rappers, everyone's rapping about fucking each others' bitches, I was (ugh) just tryna get into character, you know what I mean?
Yeah, no, no I get it. Honestly, it's fine, I'm kinda into it
Yeah... wait what?