I'll Sum This Up Testo

Testo I'll Sum This Up

Listen up cubs
it's so beautiful but I'm in this pain
which each and every heartbeat brings memories
of love I once had and it's safe to say.
Dad is here.

Mom's there beside you as you watch me appear
next to everything we dreamt of,
yet I'm still not completely here.
I want to see my cubs again

I hear your voices through the clouds
and I can tell your getting older now.
all I have to ask for is why?
Why did you leave so quickly without me?
Still I won't forget the talks on the bridge when you said
“Thanks for making life worth living.”
You ended with a kiss.

Antarctica look what you did to us
you fucked it up,
and for the sake of brevity
I'll sum this up.

You opened my eyes and closed them at the same time.

and so we took the dive.