Minnow Testo

Testo Minnow

Darker shades never looked so bright
I can’t describe this feeling in my stomach
My eyelids have a solid lock
To see exactly what is going on
Around me around us
And that’s okay

Problems that I tend to face
What gets me out
Makes me want to stay
And that’s okay

It’s safe to say it’s all ironic
I am building a coffin for a living

I know you’ve pushed me to keep my head held high
But it only feels right when I look down
Because the clouds confuse me
I want to believe that I’m okay on my two feet
I’ve made mistakes and now I’m making own bed

Please let me sleep
I’ll feel better in the morning

I don’t want to let you know that I
Tend to slip at moments where
I need a grip and have to focus
Maybe It’s meant to be

I just want to have you slow down for me
Listen to the message
I’m trying to tell you that
Maybe everything is meant to be
Volumes must lower since silence is gold
Importance like marrow inside of your bones
Swimming in circles is all that I know
I’m a lost minnow with nowhere to go

Maybe everything is meant to be
I’m a lost minnow with nowhere to go

The water
The loneliness
Is my home