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Testo Beige

I said babe tell me how you feeling today
She said “beige” 3X

Feels never enough
Yet always too much
That’s beige
That’s beige

I remember back when yes was yes and no was no
And red was red
And blue was blue
And 2 plus 2 was 4
Now it’s x and ys and hella variables
And exes asking why they cannot get with you no mo
And now I’m killing records make a living off the dead just like a funeral home
But I remember I was in a threesome with my bills and all my student loans
Hooked up to the 4 on Roman numeral my soul
Was dripping slowly out the cubicle

Roll one
Blunt for me
Bad bitch never take one from me
I fucked up
I came back for loving
Back for living
Double my dividends
Just a little beige
Just a lil beige

Feel never enough
Yet always too much that’s beige

If your heart is where my home at
I’m a nomad cuz you keep on moving ways
And you afraid to let me past the doormat
In the past you been treated like a doormat
Aww you can stay
Got your mind in a haze

Roll one
Blunt for me
Bad bitch never take one from me
I....fucked up
I.....came back for loving
Back for loving
Double my dividends