Simply Amazing Testo

Testo Simply Amazing

(Feat. Michelle Williams)

Oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah
I never knew i'd be loved by You
You came along and You drew me near to Your heart
I wish I knew from the start
How everything's changed by one touch from You
And over and over You saw me through all the rain...yes through all the pain
You opened my eyes
So that I may see You're amazing
Changed my heart..Making me complete
You're amazing

Lord You are
Everyhting I need You to be
You're everything I want I can see
Yes...Lord You are
You're simply amazing to me

Oh oh oh uh yeah
Yes You are

No one knows but You saw me through all the rain...all the pain

Repeat chorus twice

If I had ten thousand tongues
I still wont be enough to say thank You
For all You've done for me
Oh oh uh
And if I had my way I would
Take every second and make it count
By laying at Your feet

Repeat chorus

Everything I
Eh everything I
Oh I can see
Yeah yeah
Lord You are...simply amazing

My God is simply amazing
Oh try Him out for yourself
Oh yeah...oh my
Lord You are...You're simply amazing to me