Freestyle Testo

Testo Freestyle

Game on like a bitch ho chill
Whole lot of shit i don't feel
Been coped bags, been did
I've been did Chanel and i've been did
Rap like a gangster , I’m back, pussy still
I'm always tinted up, Black
Still in my city respectin' the Trenches
If you don't fuck with me, why you in my
Salute me I'm winnin
Don't come with no gimmicks
Got Aiden a trust and i could've bought
Can't fuck with no major, they say i’m too
Bitch i’m from the bottom so fuck
What they thought
Free all of my people
My brother weigh up like it's legal
Heavenly father i come to you
Said i would quit smokin’ ; but i like
The fragrance
I;m a star like a movie
Still foolish and crazy fuck it
All of my niggas be M'ed up
Josh want the drink if it's sealed
I shoulda let the beat build up
How i rewind it
Fuck it this perfect timing
I got a crib with the gate code
It ain't no place that i can’t go
They tellin' me to be cautious
Bitch, I'm in safe mode
I can't fuck none of my old hoes
They'd probably try to record it
Them niggas want me with child
I'll probably pay to abort it fuck
Call up whoever your boss is
I can't do business with runners
I can't do business with workers
Adderall gon' keep me focused
Bitch how you know me?
I can't trust people
Might drop an album and leave
Out the features
Fuck it, that's what i'ma do