Off & On Testo

Testo Off & On

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, without and further adieu
let's just get on with the show"

Off and on! (There it is, Baby Pah!) [x8]

[Verse One: Nastee (a.k.a. Crotch Ripper)]

Off and.. on
Trender number two, NOW, whatchu gonna do?
When I.. flow
Cause, man, do the brother, flow
Like a swinger, oh yes a swinger
A regular humdinger, besides a ruff rhyme bringer
So when the Trend men come we come correct
Styles upon styles upon styles earn mad respect
Lethal as a tech nine, a Crotch Ripper rhyme
Here I COME-AH, tick tick it's time
for the slim dude to put his foot forth would more
would agree, the Ripper seems to be, bon-jour good
the style FLIP the script, Nast
Show em that your skills are more than rhyme and diggin ass
People hear the name and equate me to sex
So when I drop BOMBS, damn do the brother flex
Cause I'm dowwwwwwwwwwn for ya
Versatile styles with piles of files that go for miles
C'mon, people, get with the Trender
Skin bender, known to render comp, knocked
Clearin microphones from block to block
With hip-hop I drop and I don't stop
until the Trend men feel it's fit
Get with that nigga named Nast, and the fat hems..
I.. flip.. on ya
Here to California
Trends are skyborn, flowin, off.. and.. on..

Off and on! (There it is, Baby Pah!) [x4]

[Verse Two: GrapeVine]

I flow off and.. ahum off and.. on
Word is bond, from the nigga known night to morn
Hit my sun shout, feel fine, GrapeVine
with the one-liner, in front or behind a cut
Whaddya say? What is.. up?
I bust a flow I bust a groove
I bust.. e..nough..
and from nothin leaves nothin
So I just sayin somethin to keep the crowd pumpin
Seems, that, my flow, is fat
So I let a melody go, black
But don't let it come on weak what happens then
Prrrrr-props to the paper, prrrrr-props to the pen
Trends of Culture, in the fullest
Hotties come in dozens so you know we can pull, this
Without delay we swing and sway and make the crowds go hey
We like the way the big ones play, whether night or day
Whenever, if I ever get the chance to
release flavor, like I usually do
with my crew, cause Ripper, Music Of Life
and.. yours..
G, flowin (off and on, off and on, off and on)

Off and on! (There it is, Baby Pah!) [x2]

[Verse Three: M.O.L.]

We come with mad styles and whatever
But what else would you expect? From a Trend-setter
Huh, pick up the pace and gimme bass I got the skills to theme
Scroungin up ? prettiest schemes, by any means
And ON the day of the funky drummer
we hear hip-hop nonstop, the newcomers of the summer
Trends we friends, and we go, in they go
And if you only got one blue shoe, you still, flow
Peace to the Prankster Posse, for not soundin sloppy
Swift and Jeff by the board makin sure our shit don't sound choppy
Can.. we.. ad-just, this
Nast.. help me, bust this

[Verse Four: Nastee]

Brother Nast, the rebel! On another level!
You a boulder, well I'ma crush you down to a pebble!
Off and on the styles come, wreck, check-mate..
wait.. on a hot.. date..
Seven [reversed] nine, six five eight, one
Call me when you're ready to grind
to Trends rippin skills, do it off and on.. rhyme
Trends, can I get a UHHHHHHHHH
(UHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) Leave it to the Crotch Ripper
to drop from the ball yes I'm, off and on
and off and on

Off and on! (There it is, Baby Pah!) [x8]