What I Like Testo

Testo What I Like

(oh yeah, that's what i like)
I'm just waking up, wanna go for a ride
But i can't drive so i step outside
And i go for a walk to see my boyfriend

If he ain't home
I'll leave a message on his cell phone
I love to just have a good time
Chillin' at the movies with my friends
And i know i'm just doing what i like
I'm keeping it real, no need to pretend

I may be young but i know what i like
And i don't really care what they say about me
Im just having fun and im feeling alrite
Don't knock me cuz im keeping it tight
Just doing what i like

Now i feel like dancing, wanna dance all night
I hear the music playing and that's what i like
I like to sing my songs and do my thing
And i don't see nothing wrong if i just wanna hong
I like seeing ur hands up in the air
And i like watching all the cute boys stare
At me just doing what i do
And this goes out to all of you, yeah

[chorus repeat]
Like - and you wanna groove
With me so come on and won't u feel the beat
And do what you like for me
Cuz that's what i like to see

[chorus repeat]

Dancing i like
Movies i like
Cuties i like
Singing i like
Talking i like
Chillin' i like
And i wanna see u do what u wanna do

That's what i like..what i like

That's what i like
That's what i like