Lady Blue. Testo

Testo Lady Blue.

My lady blue
My lady blue
My lady blue
My lady blue

Crust of a wine, gets a reload no re shame
Due time is beautiful thing but I'm sayin'
Or sane enough to fold it up the cuffs no if or buts
The pistol hold a bullet, lips'l shoot the most of us
Rose hips led carousel on a freight train
History repeated seem the thighs the reason I'm in reason
My motor skills torn parallel on her pain- stake
Chain my arms and key them, I can take the beating, I've conceded
And weather what them lone talons sell
Imma blow caramel till my rose parallel
And if it's on the back of a bell
I am worth only word sucker bought into hell
Father said you keep them women in, with all protection
She wanna slit my wrist and watch the blood refill the tension
Father said that lady blue got pockets deep as valleys release the sun

My lady blue
My lady blue
My lady blue
My lady blue

Tangle entwined upon a cliff we share a stream of thought
She held a coin up on the sleeve that never flip before
There lay a void under the chemicals inside my brain
I hide a crack behind a shattered smile and never broke in vain
For a second I feel calm beneath a sea of storm
No memory of alchemy, or how to see, been here before
She carry words of ancient language on a broken chain
I quiz about the meaning of the word it's written in her name
Forever ignorant, I get it how I'm livin'
Scuffed up the pain, turn a burn into a smidgen
Put that blue up on a brush and drip it on me till I crush
She call me red call her blue, when she fight, can't help but blush
Feel that good good, Pink Set, Lick fire from my breath
She really turn heads, break necks, but ride until the end
This lady got proportion like it's perfect mathematics
The Fibonacci when she bring me static

My lady blue
(Where you going now you)
My lady blue
(Where you going now)
My lady blue
(Don't know where to go now)
My lady blue
(Where you going now)