Hating Testo

Testo Hating

Do you really think i came to you to make a fool

about myself, Well that's shit! I never meant to

hurt you that way. I always tought your

love was real to me. Never knewed you would

play with me. But after the shit that's happened

i've learned to know the real creep in you.

You're a bastard and you will always be. When

I found out you kissed that other girl, i was

Pissed off coz' you lie to me. You always did.

You said you stop with your shit. But it never

Happened. You promised it. you realised it

You can't go without it. just kick off

And you'll be another person. A better person.

When you betrayed me. And quit our thing.

I wanted you back. But it was wrong.

Then i realised you lied to me all me time.

All the time shit! I just wanted to kick your

Head off. But i couldn't. and what you

Done to my girl you freak. You're just a

Geak. I never tought it would end up this way

You hurted her and when you hurt her you hurt

Me. I wouldn't do this damn shit. I wish

a girl never loves you anymore. But it couldn't

be. You always lie and lie and lie. You would

say you love her and miss her. And a girl

would like those things and falls for your

mistreats. I hope you'd be a much better guy

than you now are. You have enamees lots of

enamees. I'm one of those and i'm not shy to

be one of tem. I hate you. I really do. You

maybe will not care about it. but i should if

i was you. I hope you get caught soon. And be

hurted as much you did to me. I hope you'd

be burned out like no one did before. That you'd

be no person anymore. Then every one would trow

you away just like garbage. You desirve it.

every day i see you. I'm so pissed off

that i would scratch your eyes out. You just

looked at me. I hate it. i hope fot the next girl

you will get you wouldn't lie to her you wouldn't

be shy for her. You'd never say you quit when

you don't. i loved you ones. But i never will

anymore. I hate you and it will always be. You

called me bitch! You leave messages just to make

sure i heard you callin' me bitch! I asked your

girl why'd do you this. She doesn't know. You're

playin a game with me, i don't like it. but you like it

that i'm having trouble with myself. You're just a

psychopat who needs help. I hope i never see your

face anymore! I'm sick of your doing things, of your

playgames with me. Just leave me alone! But you

just couldn't do it. you think you're heavy, screw you!

Totally not! You just let yourself beat up like you

Couldn't do anything. You told me something else.

Again a lie. As i'm thinking about all the shit you'd

Told me. I always found out you where lain. But

why i'm asking it over and over again. Everything

you said to me was a lie! You said you'd love me,

respect me. And i toughted i didn't desirve you!

You didn't desirve me! You freak!