Cold Blooded Love Testo

Testo Cold Blooded Love

With every gleam of light there comes a burning flame
Either way we’re downing whiskey or champagne
In haste I bid your calling and always fall from grace
I may be satiated but I still hunger for the taste … for that
I quiver at your slightest touch, tremble like a child
Shudder at the very thought, I’ll succumb to your every wile
Aching for your embrace, I lay awake at night
I know that it’s wrong, but it feels sooooo … right
Cold blooded love
Cold blooded love
That man, he was the answer to my each and everything
That man was the savior to every prayer that I’d sing
Now that man is a deadly disease and the only remedy
Oh man, I can’t take it, but I can’t shake myself clean … from that
Cold blooded love
Cold blooded love
Cold blooded love
Cold blooded love